Episode Overview

Paraphrased from Stace's summary at the beginning of Episode 55.

The party minus ChaCha were chilling at Mamma J's just killing time. When ChaCha walked in with Nix's parents in tow. Atalia went to scan the Benevolent Society plate and was transported to the Marsh's place, then Nix's not-aunt...maybe-aunt had a lamprey face this time, it got weird. Atalia attacked put Nix's mom in a wristlock to prevent her from taking the plate. It was determined Nix's mom was doing really poorly, medically speaking, until she got the plate, and she held it to herself and just seemed very clearly to be doing better after that.

Nix's parents decided to go to Qi to hide from the queen and Mamma J said she would take care of that, the party chipped in on getting them a little cash as a send-off. Then Mamma J offered to have the guardians kidnap Doc Taraz so that the crew could interrogate her later, and sent the crew to a safe house.

Dili meditated, tried to connect to the automaton again, and he did, successfully. And then he saw a vision of the automaton trashing Dili's old shop and then Deuces coming in for an update and telling the robot to get to work, and "Stop fucking around!".

Player Intrusion

Sampson offers an XP to check out Angel's Egg. It is a very oblique story, very abstract in its storytelling, one of those things where it explains itself through visuals, but very oblique visuals. It is a story about a girl who is caring for an egg and then this guy comes along. And then something happens and then the movie ends. It's very weird, but the visuals are beautiful[1].

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