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Vlad is a member of the Guardians of Night’s Hope, and is the controller that the party is assigned to upon leaving Charmonde. They first meet up with him in Mountain's Bone in episode 71: Hark! The Hendersons!. He is described as a tall man who looks like a "blonde Edward James Olmos".

Vlad is no-nonsense and not amused by the party's antics and tendency to cause chaos. He has shown an advanced capacity to craft illusions.

Writing Career

It was revealed in Among the Angels that Vlad is also a writer of romance novels under the pseudonym "Lyria R. Summermane". They are not considered to be high quality in general.

Selected Bibliography

Title Genre Synopsis
His Dark Embrace Romance A young woman falls for the brooding Delve that resettles in their village. The Delve has come to retire after an incident where she lost all her companions, including her lover, and doesn’t know if she can love again. Tsundere as fuck.
Catching Chills Romance The tale of a young woman who falls in love with an Omath (the highly intelligent creatures that appear to be indistinct humanoids encased in a floating coffin of unmelting ice), despite the concerns her four parents have about cold emanating from nearby ruins
Beyond Shins Romance The tale of a male prostitute who finds love with the non-binary heir to a sea king. The story is set within a barely veiled version of Ghan called Vahm.
Loins of the Lastborn Erotica This one’s pretty much straight up inter-species erotica about a lost human attempting to fit in among city fully populated with aliens. It’s very long, and while most readers assume that the creatures are fictional, the variety of abhumans depicted within are very accurate, though in the book they are given different names. The plot consists of a handful of pages of exposition spread throughout the book to glue the various sex scenes together.
Seskii Says Romance A young man falls in love with a dominatrix that prefers to do her work in an adult seskii costume.
Hope Is a Rock Adventure An unusual departure from romance, and probably his best work. It’s a found-family story of two explorers who form a deep friendship admits adversity: an Aeon Priest with a chip on their shoulder, and a humanoid made of stone. They become separated due to a war, only to meet again years later and go on a quest to save the Steadfast, with their deep camaraderie the only thing strong enough to fend off the dangers of the forces arrayed against them. This was never published, and was only distributed as a handful of homemade chapbooks within the city of Bodrov