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Episode Overview

Paraphrased from Stace's summary at the beginning of Episode 8.

Atalia and Dili were lulled into taking a nap by the beautiful tree. Nix barely managed to stay awake at the insistence of ChaCha. Then ChaCha discovered there were spores coming from the tree putting everyone to sleep and that the tree itself needed to be convinced to let them go. Nix tried to talk to the tree, the tree did not respond. Nix knocked on the tree rudely again. The tree did not respond. And so the Nix was like I'm just gonna go sleep and go talk to it. So she did. She convinced the tree to let them go, with the power of spending one XP for a reroll and subsequently rolling a 20 on that reroll. Managed to let the tree - or get to get the tree let us go and promised the tree to help it find vessels for all the previous souls that it had stolen and stored.

Then the team went back to Charmonde and went and saw Mamma Jerrun who seemed very forthright and honest about her involvement with the artifact and Mewin's death. Reported Mewin's death to Momma Jerrun, showed her the journal. She then paid out 40 shins apiece. Except for Atalia who has some weird contract thing going on and then renegotiated that contract with Atalia.