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Atalia acquires a Seskii who is determined to be her new best friend during her heist in Atalia (session zero).

Hubert (the first)

Hubert the First initially appeared in episode 71: The Road's Bounty. He was found in the pocket of a lime green coat gifted to ChaCha by Mamma Jerrun. He is described as a small mouse with antlers, and still resides within ChaCha's pockets.

Hubert (the second)

Hubert the second was liberated by Nix in episode 82 Getting Nix's Goat, described as a "a furry sphere with large, dark eyes"[1], its fur is incredibly soft and makes "trilling sound[s], like a high pitched version of a purr"[2]. Hubert the second is hopefully not plotting the downfall of the entire party.

Manta Ray

Originally accompanying Lachlan, Manta Ray is a flying creature scared of storms and heights, unaware that it is Manta Ray the fourth(?). Ownership has since been passed over to Dili. First appeared in episode 88 Reunions.