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Numenera is a science fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in the far distant future, written by Monte Cook, published in 2013.

Numenera describes both a rule system, as well as a setting.

The rules are matching that of the Cypher System.



Numenera is set in "The Ninth World", which is set billions of years into the future of Earth. It is called this way as the humans of that era know that 8 other civilizations lived on the planet. The planet is littered with the remains of these prior lifeforms. Humanity of the Ninth World is not capable of understanding all the technological wonders they come across, but are crafty enough to make use of them. These technological wonders are generally called "Numenera" by the people.

Artifacts, Cyphers, and Oddities

Any old technology that can be used falls into two categories: Cyphers and artifacts. While cyphers are single-use items, Artifacts can be reused multiple times. Artifacts may have a "depletion" - a chance that they break down.

Characters typically have a limit on how many Cyphers they may carry at one time. This is by design to avoid "hoarding" of cyphers.

Oddities are like artifacts, though they don't serve a game mechanic. They can be used for flavor and storytelling.


Payment in Numenera is based on "shins" (one shin, many shins). Shins are small pieces of special metals, or inert pieces of the Numenera.

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