Episode Overview

Paraphrased from Sampson's summary at the beginning of Episode 16.

Atalia got out of the meeting no problem, so the party went to Gma's house. Gma had a little anecdote about her and Nix's mom talking about a symbol of the Traveler’s Youth Hostel, Nix outs Dili as being wanted (Gma had a right to know, they were in her house). Dili tells Gma about the Knyxos, she then has a little talk with Atalia alone. Gma also seems to know a lot about the crime life in Charmonde. Nix has a weird dream (this is the Snake Campaign).

The next morning things get a little spicy between Nix, Atalia, and Gma. After that ChaCha suddenly runs out of the house, talks with a phantom, comes back a little bummed out she didn’t get more. Then she, after looking at the encrypted book that was copied from the Ruins of Kamathan. She pulls out a line referring to the "Guardians of Night’s Hope" that is not encrypted, it’s just in a different language. The party heads to the Queen’s Spittoon where Nix is going to talk to Karfa. Then we see that Nix’s bite marks from the snake brooch have turned black.

Player Intrusion

Daniel offers an XP to check out the book The Fifth Season by N. K. Jemisin, the first book in her Broken Earth Trilogy. Jemisin is the first writer in history to win the Best Novel Hugo Award for three years consecutively. "The Fifth Season" takes place very far in the Earth’s future, it is a situations where things have gone dramatically wrong and is full of post-post-apocalyptic goodness.[1].

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