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The Guardians are a secret society dedicated to the long-term preservation of humanoid kind. They believe that with proper preparation, it will be possible for various humanoids to survive what they predict will be an apocalyptic event that will bring about the fall of the Ninth World. They gather knowledge and gather items of numenera that could either of be help in survival and/or escape of said event, or any items that are so dangerous that they might hasten its arrival.

In order to maintain secrecy, Guardians rely on complex codes, sometimes incorporating obscure prior world languages, and often employ contractors for missions that do not require them to expose a guardian to possible discovery. Contractors are also often considered as recruits, and tasks may be used as trial runs to evaluate the potential recruit’s skills and character.

Very little has been revealed yet with regard to the internal structure of the organization but it does appear to be very hierarchical and compartmental in nature.

Types of Guardians

  • Guardian: the apparently generic title for a full member.
  • Callers: Recruiters for the order
  • Proctors: Managerial layer of the order

There may be more types of guardians, but they have not been mentioned or revealed by Daniel yet.

Notable Guardians