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Fate Core[1] is a genre-agnostic rule system for TTRPGs published by Evil Hat Productions. It can be used on its own for home brew games, or in conjunction with a published setting.

Core Concepts

The following overview is not intended to be an exhaustive guide for the mechanics of Fate Core, and interested players/GMs should consult the Fate Core Corebook for details. Fate Core is an especially flexible system as the majority of the character sheet is made up of free-form phrases that determine what a player character can and cannot do.

  • Aspects: Character’s are made up of a combination of Aspects, which are high level words and phrases that describe their concept, troubles, wounds, and traits.
  • Stunts: Special abilities derived from a character’s Aspects.
  • Fate Points: points players can accrue and expend to either use one of their Aspects to change a scene, re-roll dice, or power a particularly powerful Stunt.
  • Fate/Fudge Dice: Rolls in Fate always consist of four six-sided dice that have two sides marked with a “+”, two with a “-“, and two blank sides. The result is the sum of the positive and negative sides plus the player character’s related skill.

Fate Core Games and Settings

The following is a non-exhaustive list of example Fate Core powered games and settings.

Published by Evil Hat Productions

  • Dresden Files
  • The Secrets of Cats
  • Fate of Cthulhu

From Other Publishers