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An order of adventurers trained in a unique style of martial arts and then sent out into the world to help others according to the tenets of their organization. They are based in Naverene, but do have an official, though much more limited, presence in both the nations of Draolis and Thaemore. Travelers have been known to wander all throughout the Steadfast, and among the edges of The Beyond, but the greatest concentration of them will always be found in proximity to the various Wayhouses of the order.

The order maintains a relatively flat hierarchy, with few trappings of rank. Once a new recruit completes their training at the Proving Grounds, they are awarded the title of Traveler. The only other known rank in the order is reserved for senior members who have both earned the respect of their peers, and have been willing to sacrifice their own wandering in order to provide management and continuity. These individuals are ranked as Pathfinders and are mostly to be found at the Proving Ground, unless they are assigned an individual Wayhouse’s custodianship.

Officially, the Society has no government affiliation, but given that the Proving Grounds are based in Naverene, maintaining a positive relationship with the Queen of that nation is of high importance.

Tenets of the Order

  1. We are all travelers in this World.
    • All who wander the Ninth World are friends until they prove otherwise. We are here to ease and extend their Journey - and to eliminate those who would seek to disrupt it for their own gain.
  2. The Technique is a gift to the World.
    • The Technique of Mordai Kinn is a gift to the world. Our training and abilities belong to weak and suffering travelers.
  3. Compassion tempers strength.
    • The Technique requires compassion to know when to apply it and when to refrain. Those who lack compassion begin to act for themselves and not for others.
  4. Lives must be measured before they are spent.
    • All lives have purpose. We must acknowledge that before spending one. Once a life is spent, honor its purpose by using what remains to fulfill yours.
  5. Word and action are the same.
    • Promises need not be made. What a Traveler speaks a Traveler will do.
  6. Parents are first among travelers.
    • Honor those who began your Journey. Caring for them is our honor.
  7. Our family travels beside us.
    • Those who would travel and fight beside us are our family. We offer them our loyalty freely.
  8. Answer only to Code and Conscience.
    • No Traveler is greater than another. Each answers only to the Code and their own conscience. Adhere to the Code and none may judge us but ourselves.
  9. Our deeds remain.
    • As the Iron Wind leaves change in its wake, so do we. None may meet us and remain the same. What we have done will survive after our Journey ends, either as a memory or a mark on the World.

Joining the Order

New travelers renounce their family's name.[1][2]

Notable Travelers