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Episode Overview

Paraphrased from Sampson's summary at the beginning of Episode 63.

The biggest development was Jeskii's betrayal. Atalia and Dili were contained and escorted to the Handlers HQ. After lots of talking with Atalia's mom she was given a choice to allow her to walk away fro the Handlers. The choice was to hunt down Nix or find a crescent moon wrapped in barbed wire cypher that had last been seen in Chamas. Atalia chose the crescent moon option and has a three month time limit, she now has something in her arm that will be an issue if she fails.

Meanwhile Nix and ChaCha dealt with their own Handler before someone grabbed Nix by the shoulder saying "Boss wants a word with you."

Player Intrusion

Marietta offers an XP to check out national parks and go outside.[1]. Everywhere in the US there is one within a three hour drive and they are amazing.