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Episode Overview

Paraphrased from Stace's summary at the beginning of Episode 3.

At some point about a week prior, each of the main characters individually walked through a door in an alley labeled 'Explorers Wanted', sat through an interview then went about their lives. Later small children showed up with messages to come back to the place in the alley and meet up with the lady who has a name - Mamma Jerrun.

First was Atalia - tan with auburn hair and yellow eyes. Then Dili, a nervous short boy. Next was ChaCha (she's a hugger) wearing a red cloak with many pockets. Last but not least, and late as always was Nix. They had tea and small cookies, and were dispatched to some ruins outside of town. Someone Mamma Jerrun had sent out searching for an artifact had disappeared there. The party is looking for the lady and the artifact.

Making camp for the night they were attacked by flying intestine monsters. Dili got the first kill with Nix killing the other two. The next morning the party gets near to where the ruins ought to be, but there's no ruins. And then, ChaCha sees something weird (a floating fire monster), she says something cryptic about horrors and wanders off. Everyone follows ChaCha and encounters some giant green spires made out of green synth.